Thailand is the geographical heart of South-East Asia

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    For many travellers, Thailand is their first stop in Southeast Asia and becomes the beginning of a great adventure. Fall in love with the picturesque white-sand beaches, lush jungles, ancient ruins, tropical islands and Buddhist temples. Experience the breathtaking nature, a rich culture and history, a friendly population and a cuisine that looks as amazing as it tastes.


  • Transportation


    How to move in Thailand

    Thailand is easy accessible by land using one of the crossing of Malaysia, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.
    You can also arrive everywhere by plane, check out cheap fly to Thailand with Google Flights.
    Almost all the City offer very good and cheap connections by Bus. Inside the city Rent a motorbike, or use the traditional Tuk Tuk (local taxi)

  • Money & Cost 


    Currency: 33 Baht (฿) = 1 usd

    Accommodation: ฿100 - ฿1000 per night.
    Food: ฿50 - ฿300 per meal.
    One Beer: ฿40 - ฿100.
    Public Transport: ฿7 - ฿50.

    Use the Google Currency Converter

  • Visa information 


    Visa informations

    Most of the Country can have a 30day free visa on arrival. There are some exceptions, please feel free to use our visa tool provided to find out your situations.
    You can also visit the official Thai page.

Our city, in 360 degree

We use the Google Street View technology to show you how the place really looks like.

Koh Lanta - View Map

Discover Koh Lanta to have a real taste of what a Thai Island is about. It is never overcrowded and can suit all kind of travellers: families, honeymooners, backpackers and anyone looking for a thriving yoga scene.

Hight season : November to April

Koh Phangan - View Map

This is the Island that really suite all the needs of backpackers, the Island is well balanced between the nightlife of the famous Full Moon Party, and the Spiritual, Healthy and Yoga vibes

High Season: December to March


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