We Travel,

developing Websites and Apps.

We are

We've been travelling for the last 3 years, in more than 15 countries.
Our skills to understand ideas and transform them to fit in different cultures, languages, weathers and landscapes makes us good friends, to collaborate with.
This experience, plus our well equiped and smart team, are the best combination to make your dreams come true.


We are expanding our team, tell us what you wanna do!

I wanna join!

We Dream. We Plan. We Do.

In Kleetec, we are not only the best digital artisans, we also like to play with alchemy. How?

First, we'll be Air.

We will connect through ideas, with an easy-questions-friendly-chat, travelling to your location, if required.
After that, we will analize the best options and guide you to understand the plan, of what we will be doing.

Second step, we'll be Water.

When you understand the whole process, we will continue with design-prototype-test-repeat flow until, we all, accept and like it.

Then, we'll be Earth.

Our team, at this point, will plant the first seed.
We will start developing and shaping your dream.
With weekly reports, we will show you the process, to do not delay the final delivery, with possible misunderstoods.

Finally, we'll be Fire.

After your green signal, we will launch your product.
Advertising, analyzing, and watching it grow together.
Keeping an eye on it, to understand what the market will tell us, transform it to its needs.

map kleetec

Let's make a deal: you dream, we plan,
and together we make it real!

Sounds like a plan!