• D'coconut Membership
    The Tropics awaits you


- You get 30 days of holidays every year, for 15 years.

- You have a choice of 4 resorts in Malaysia.

- You can split the 30 days into 2, 3 or even 4 holidays throughout the year.

- The opportunity to use a luxury car or yacht.

- You can enjoy excellent rooms prepared to your exact specifications.


  • Located on top of Gunung Raya, Langkawi the resort has a spectacular view of the Island. Here you will have a Porsche Carrera S Cabriolet to your disposal. http://www.dcoconuthillresort.com/
  • D'coconut Villa is a boutique beach front retreat on the west of Langkawi Island. Here you will enjoy the luxury of driving around in a Bentley Continental GT.http://www.dcoconutvilla.com/
  • Located on the picturesque island of Pulau Babi Besar where the water is clear and the beaches are inspiring. You will have a 57' Sunseeker Predator Motor Yacht to cruise around on .
  • On the little island of Pulau Lang Tengah you will find our beautiful Resort that offers a tranquil ambience. Perfect for someone who'll enjoy the clear waters and marine life. Here you will experience cruising the waters on a 54' Ferretti Motor Yacht.

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