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About our Resort

Rising 3000 feet above the peaceful island of Langkawi, D'Coconut Hill Resort in Gunung Raya is the perfect place for all of your mountain relaxation needs. Guests will enjoy the fresh mountain air and the splendours of nature as they view the majestic panorama of Langkawi and The Andaman Sea from our exclusive watchtower. With Kuah town and the Langkawi airport just 35 minutes away it is the newest prime resort destination and member of the successful D'Coconut family of resorts.

Featured Activities

From the top of Langkawi decide if relax with a cup of tea from out watchtower or feel the adrenaline of flying.

Tower View

Drink tea on the top of the island, Gunung Raya.

Paragliding over Langkawi

Enjoy the best view of the island from the sky

D'Coconut Resort Family

D'Coconut Lagoon Resort

Forget about all your worries in this one of a kind island, with its three layer colored water and coral reefs it's a paradise for snorkeling and de-stress.

D'Coconut Island Resort

Get to relax and enjoy beach life style in the best way you can, only 30' boat ride from Mersing Jetty!

D'Coconut Villa Resort

Strategically situated 5' away from CenanG, D'coconut Villa, offers you a very secluded and atmosphere as it counts with it's own private beach and an open air restaurant right infront of it!

Adventure Lifestyle Membership

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Adventure Lifestyle Membership: One way ticket to outstanding lifestyle

D'coconut Adventure Lifestyle membership is your ticket to many years of fun-filled vacations. Your advantages of this membership are:
- You get 30 days of holidays every year, for 15 years.
- You can choose between 4 resorts in Malaysia.
- Fully customizable and transferible
- The opportunity to use 50h on a Supercar.
- Discount for featured activities, as diving.

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